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Journal Articles and Working Papers


"Return migration and economic outcomes in the conflict context" (S. Fransen, I. Ruiz, C. Vargas-Silva)
World Development, forthcoming 2017. Download

"Are refugees' labour market outcomes different from those of other migrants? evidence from the 
United Kingdom 2005-2007" (I. Ruiz and C. Vargas-Silva) 
 Population Space and Place, doi: 10.1002/psp.2049, 2017 Download 

"Remittances sent to and from the forcibly displaced" (C. Vargas-Silva) 
Journal of Developing Studies, forthcoming 2017. Download

"The labour market consequences of hosting refugees" (I. Ruiz and C. Vargas-Silva) 
Journal of Economic Geography, 16 (3): 667-694, 2016. Download 

"Forced up or down? The impact of forced migration on social status" (I. Ruiz, M. Siegel and C. Vargas-Silva) 
Journal of Refugee Studies,8 (2): 183-201, 2015. Download

"The labour market impacts of forced migration" (I. Ruiz and C. Vargas-Silva) 
American Economic Review, 105(5), 581-586, 2015. Download

"The economics of forced migration" (I. Ruiz and C. Vargas-Silva) 
Journal of Developing Studies, 49(6) 772-783, 2013. Download


"The impact of hosting refugees on the intra-household allocation of tasks: A gender perspective" (I.Ruiz and C. Vargas-Silva), UNU-WIDER Working Paper, 2017. Download

"Differences in Labour Market Outcomes between Refugees and other Migrants: Evidence from the UK" (I. Ruiz and C. Vargas-Silva), SSRN Working Paper, 2017. Download

"Remittances sent to and from refugees and internally displaced persons" (C. Vargas-Silva) 
KNOMAD-World Bank Working Paper, 2016. Download

"The Impact of Refugee Experiences on Education: Evidence from Burundi” (S. Fransen, M. Siegel and C. Vargas-Silva), SSRN Working Paper, 2016. Download

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